Accounts Receivable Ledger Template

Accounts receivable ledger template is a handy tool to keep track of all your sales invoices prepared on account that makes it easier for you to collect payments in time before long. It is wholly produced in MS excel and useful for all businesses and companies to track credit sales. Account receivable ledger is not used for all invoices paid by customers at the time of sales but only used to keep proper record of transactions made by customers whom you have approved for credit transactions. Almost all business organizations and companies have account receivables because these are important to boost up sales volume.

Accounts receivable ledger is not only useful to keep apart record of all amounts billed to customers on credit basis but also provide enough room to record all credit memos and debit memos issued to them for settlement of account. It is a great accounting tool to keep proper record of company’s accounts receivables in best way to get paid accurately. A general accountant of the business or company can easily prepare accounts receivable ledger using appropriate format but an unfamiliar person may feel troubles to make one.

An editable accounts receivable ledger template is available here on this webpage that can be downloaded for free in storage of computer to prepare spotless ledger for accounts receivables of your company or business. Once the template is successfully downloaded, a user will be able to make essential changes such as name of the business or company, ledger for the month and other required info. It is the best economical alternative to costly accounting software that any type of business organization or individual businessman can utilize to record accounts receivables in an organized manner. It’s great editing features makes it unique and useful from other paid templates and formats.

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