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Fundraiser Templates

Below you can get fundraiser templates to design posters and other types of advertisements for a fundraiser event you are going to organize for your nonprofit organization. Fundraiser events are widely organized by organizations to make money to run and manage various functions and operations of the organization or charitable institute. Effective marketing of such… Read More »

Billboard Lease Contract Template

Billboard lease contract template can be downloaded here for free to draft a contract for billboard leasing. Renting out personal property is one of the best ways to maximize personal incomes but if you want to get more than rent from tenant, you can place a billboard at the top of property or building for… Read More »

Fundraising goal thermometer template

Get help from this fundraising goal thermometer template to generate an effective fundraising goal thermometer. Fundraising goal thermometer can be described as an efficient tool to monitor the progress of funds raised in a fundraising campaign. Several organizations and welfare societies use this fundraising goal thermometer in presentations and websites to let concerned peoples know… Read More »

BBQ invitation template

Open this BBQ invitation template in Microsoft word for editing after successful downloading to create attractive BBQ invitations with no troubles. BBQ is just like an informal event where people with friends and family member enjoy eating grilled foods. If it decided to rejoice next birthday as a BBQ party then you have to prepare… Read More »

Car Sale Contract Template

You may need to prepare a car sale contract when selling a car to a buyer and car sale contract template could be used to draft the contract appropriately. Writing down the basic aspects of a deal or transactions is always good because it protects rights and duties of both parties in legal way and… Read More »

5 Tri Fold Restaurant Menu Templates

Designing a menu is a vital task that should be done carefully when it comes to kick off a new hotel or restaurant and this tri fold restaurant menu template will work for you as building blocks to do it efficiently. When there is a large number of food items offered by a restaurant, a… Read More »

Accounts Receivable Ledger Template

Accounts receivable ledger template is a handy tool to keep track of all your sales invoices prepared on account that makes it easier for you to collect payments in time before long. It is wholly produced in MS excel and useful for all businesses and companies to track credit sales. Account receivable ledger is not… Read More »

Advertisement Template

It is a best place to find out suitable advertisement template that you can utilize to produce any promotional material for your business or company. Whether you want to promote your business, program, event or any activity, it is a best thing that enables you to design any kind of advertisement material like posters, flyers… Read More »

6 Project Cover Page Templates

Make use of the project cover page template and write a great cover page for your school, science or business project. As clothes make a man’s personality gorgeous, similarly project cover page is a vital document that helps a writer in dressing up the project accordingly. It is something very much useful providing basic details… Read More »

Financial Business Calculators Template

If you think that using online financial business calculators is not safe and secure for you then don’t worry much and try to use this financial business calculators template because it is easily downloadable in computer or laptop and then you can simply use it as per needs. It is really useful tool to evaluate… Read More »