5 Parent Teacher Communication Log Templates

By | June 10, 2016

This parent teacher communication log template will assist you for paper work to record communication with students’ parents during or after school time. Effective parent teacher communication is vital element to build positive relationship between teachers and parents. Through this way they can learn from each other about how to improve the performance of students as well as to help them in chasing academic goals and objectives. Since parent teacher communication is important, keeping track of the communication is also very important factor that lets teachers to make relationship stronger with parents.

Parent teacher communication log is a handful academic tool used by teachers or parents to keep record of communication to improve the method of communication as well as to use previous one as reference. As a teacher, noting interactions with parents will help you remember who you have spoken to regarding the behavior or performance of students, how to contact them again for further communication as well as what you learn from each conversation that can help you to teach them in best way. It is said by educational experts that a positive parent teacher relationship helps students feel good about school, class and overall learning environment.

Recording parent communication will be easier for you when you have a parent teacher communication log at place because it provides you enough space to record details about communication such as date, time of call, name of calling person (parents), topic or issue discussed during the conversation and other contact details in order to contact them again etc. A readymade parent teacher communication log template is added here on this webpage which is completely free to download and easily alterable in MS excel. One can fluently alter its contents as per requirements after successful downloading.

Sample Parent Teacher Communication Log Template

Parent Teacher Communication Log Templatedownload-1

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