6 Rent Receipt Templates

By | January 30, 2019

As a landlord or real estate agent if you are receiving rental payment from tenants in cash, then you should provide them with detailed receipts to document the payment transaction in writing. Rent receipt template is available here below the content to create receipts for rent quickly using a readymade format. Rent receipt is a document indicating that rental payment has been made by the tenant as agreed in the payment terms of rental agreement. It serves as a written proof of rental payment that can be used to settle future payment related disputes or misunderstandings.

A landlord generated document indicating rental payment details in written is known as rent receipt and most commonly used document in real estate industry. Name of the landlord, tenant’s name, rent payment month, particular sum of money as rent, date of payment and signature of landlord are some basic elements that make a rent receipt valid and legal. It serves as a written record of rental payments made by the tenant each month and protects rights of both parties in event of dispute. Making and signing such receipts is beneficial for both landlord and tenant.

It could be a manually generated document or prepared on computer using word processing software such as MS word. Majority of landlords and real estate agents usually use receipt books to generate receipts for tenants but if you want to design custom receipts for your tenants on computer then feel free to use rent receipt template. It gives you a good start when making receipts yourself on personal computer. Once all accurate details and information added in the template, it can be saved in computer to make and print more receipts without making changes. One can also take prints of a personally created receipt out easily in required quantity using personal printer.

Rent Receipt Template Is Added Here

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