6 Sales Log Templates

You are more than welcome to download and customize the sales log template to prepare a sales log for your own sales or for whole sales department of the company. Basic purpose of the template is to provide you basic know how and a pre formatted layout to maintain an accurate and organized sales record. A spreadsheet or printed document that can be used to record essential details about sales made during the particular period of time can be recognized as sales log which is usually prepared by the individual sales person or by head of the sales department.

Effective record keeping of sales is vital for all businesses and companies to determine the accurate figure of revenue generated by the company via sales and it is only possible with help of a detailed sales log. It is one of the vital business documents that sales persons use to record their sales during the motioned period of time. It may include cash sales and non cash sales (just like sales made in exchange of gift certificates or coupons). Most of companies and business settings only include cash sales in their records to maintain favorable cash flow.

Higher authorities and sales managers use sales logs to evaluate overall performance of a particular sales person or whole team. If you have been tasked with making sales log and need a good starting point to produce it in best way, we strongly recommend you to make use of the sales log template which is given below here. It is MS excel based spreadsheet and can also be edited in the same computer program when it comes to make some changes and alterations as per needs of the business or company. Anyone can get the copy of this editable template free of cost.

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