Sample Medical Certificate Template

By | January 28, 2019

Written statement issued by a doctor or health care professional that indicates the overall medical condition and health related issues of an individual person is generally recognized as medical certificate and sample medical certificate template is useful instrument to include all relevant information and elements in the certificate. These certificates are prepared for many different reasons but the purpose always remains same. These are usually issued by physicians or doctors after complete medical examination and tests of the person to find out exact medical condition or situation.

Medical certificate shows overall physical and mental health of the mentioned person and can be used for various purposes. For instance, a company or employer may ask a job applicant to bring medical certificate in order to make sure that either the applicant is mentally and physically fit to carry out the job or not. It can also be used to get paid sick leave from the company for proper medical treatment and recovery. Doctors’ certificate, doctor note and sick note are other names of the same document. Structure and elements of the medical certificate may vary based on the purpose for which you are preparing one.

Medical certificate may consist of name of the patient, age, blood group, detailed results of comprehensive medical examination, medical issue if any, suggested medical treatment to overcome the issues, name of the medical expert or doctor along with signature and stamp etc. It also serves as a useful document when it comes to claim medical or health insurance. It must be prepared carefully with all essential but accurate account of information. Sample medical certificate template is added here for your reference that can use to get an idea about what should be included in the certificate in order to make it valid and easy to understand.

Here You Can Get Sample Medical Certificate Template

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