6 Witness Statement Templates

By | January 29, 2019

Need to write a witness statement for a case or legal transaction, below is a witness statement template and can be used for this purpose. It is time saving tool when there is need to write a statement of witness to present in court of law. A document indicating details and information that a particular person knows and wants to say about a case or incident is known as witness statement. A carefully written statement of witness can be a key element to prove yourself right during the court hearing. These are required by court in written format when you want to bring a witness to negotiation in order to explain true facts about the case or incident.

A witness statement sets out what a witness is going to say during court hearing and it is used to save time at the trial because it can be read by the judge or the barristers easily to understand key points of witness’s statement. It helps legal authorities a lot to cross examine the witness in order to determine whether he or she is telling true or not. It must be in written format and should also be headed with the title of the case, case number, name of the court or tribunal and name of the witness etc.

Core purpose of the witness statement is to support a party’s case by providing written statement of facts that a witness knows about the case. A properly worded statement of witness can help judge or barristers in judgment process to prove basic reason and cause of the case or incident. Our witness statement template is available here for free. It is prepared with blank fields that make it use easier and simpler for anyone.  It will work well in MS word when you need to make some alterations in it.

Editable Witness Statement Template

Witness Statement Template download-1

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